As courts side with SCAF, Morsi’s next move is crucial

The Egyptian Supreme Constitutional Court overturned Morsi’s decree to recall Parliament today, seemingly placing power firmly back in the hands of the SCAF. The power struggle is likely far from to over, but the court’s decision does not bode well for Morsi. Thousands gathered in Tahrir to protest this decision, indicating that while the SCAF may have the power in the halls of government buildings, the people of Egypt, whether they supported Morsi or not, do not want to see the first democratically elected head of state rendered powerless days after his election.

Sadly, the ruling didn’t actually resolve anything. Power is not intractably in the hands of the SCAF, nor is Morsi (in all liklehood) going to sit back and allow his decree to be trampled. Both the SCAF and Mrosi will likely continue to vie for power and legitimacy, leveraging allies in the courts, the media, and the populace. The only certainty in all this is that more bombastic headlines and swooning declarations are still to come.

For now though the SCAF appears to have shown its hand: it has no intention of allowing Morsi to overturn its rules, nor any intention of ceding actual power to him. It remains to be seen how Morsi will respond.

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