Week of April 2

Election updates during the week of April 2:

  • Seven new candidates officially entered the race, bringing the total of official candidates up to 15. The official candidates are listed below; for more information on candidates please visit our Candidates page.
    • Mahmoud Hossameddin Galal
    • Mohamed Selim Al-Awa
    • Ibrahim Ahmed Al-Gharib
    • Khairat Al-Shater
    • Ahmed Mohamed Shafiq
    • Hamdeen Sabbahi
    • Ayman Nour
  • Omar Suleiman announced his intent to enter the race. A Suleiman candidacy is sure to be controversial due to the former intelligence chief’s close ties to the Mubarak regime.
  • The Muslim Brotherhood’s nomination of Khairat Al-Shater continued to prove controversial and divisive within the Islamist community. Many have spoken out against the Al-Shater nomination, including fellow Islamist candidate Abul-Fotouh and former Muslim Brotherhood spokesperson Kamal Al-Helbawy (Al-Helbawy resigned in protest of the nomination). Others, including Aboud Al-Zomor, a prominent figure in Jama’a Al-Islamiyya, have spoken out in support of the decision. (Read more here and here)
  • In an apparent confirmation of continued rumors, the PEC announced that it acquired documents indicating that candidate Abu-Ismail’s mother held American citizenship; this could be grounds for disqualifying Abu-Ismail from the race, a decision which would certainly be controversial. Abu-Ismail has announced his intent to file suit against the commission. (Read more here)
  • The controversial Constituent Assembly convened for the second time on Wednesday April 4. Members who have withdrawn have rejected a deadline for their return proposed by the remaining delegates. The primary product of Wednesday’s meeting was a draft of bylaws for the assembly; if passed, these laws would render all future sessions of the assembly closed to the public and press. (Read more here)

Recommended reading:

  • Two pieces from The Arabist on the Al-Shater candidacy, here and here.
  • Our piece on the role of the PEC in deciding the Egyptian elections, here.
  • Our profiles of the four leading candidates, here and on PolicyMic.

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